The Cry of Serbs of
Kosovo and Metohia

Bishop Atanasiy YevtichBlessed are Thou o Lord, God of our fathers, righteous are all Thy works, truthful art Thou in all Thyne endeavors, unswerving are Thyne paths, and Thyne judgment based on truth and redemption.

Righteous and fair are thy judgments and admonitions for the sake of our salvation, as well as all that thou hast wrought upon us and our people in this land because of our transgressions. Within Thy realm of truth and justice, Thou hast handed us over to lawless enemies, hateful apostates and domestic atheists. Thou has enslaved us by delivering us to unjust foreign masters, to a global tyrant, more malevolent than any other upon this earth.

"Thou hast become angry, and we too transgressed", said one of Thyne servants from antiquity. It is more appropriate, for us to say: "we transgressed, and Thou becamst angry as a result". Truly we did sin; we engaged in lawlessness, we retreated from Thou and Thyne precepts. We erred in all things. Thy redemptive commandments, we failed to keep and obey, as Thou commandest us for our salvation's sake.

And now Lord, words dare not pass our lips, as we have become objects of shame and ridicule before the world; before the entire human race. Because, dear Lord, we have been reduced and diminished more than any other nation, humiliated across our own land, from west to east. All because of the wickedness of our leaders, the tyrannical arrogance of our temporal rulers, and because of our many moral lapses and sins.

As our father, the Patriarch has said, today across Kosovo and Metohia we find ourselves: "fleeing, night and day with our dispossessed people, from place to place, like a vessel tossed on the open seas, scurrying across the vast expanse, waiting for the sun to set, for the day to fold, and this dark night to pass, like the wintry calamity which has befallen us. For there is no one to shield us, or to free us from our sorrow. Our pain trebled, weeping, we beseech Thee: "How much longer, o Lord, wilt Thou neglect us? How long will Thou continue to arm Thyself against Thyne legacy? Arise, o Lord, from Thy slumber. Why does Thou turn Thy face away from us? And again we ask, arise Lord, succor us in Thy Name's sake. Our sobbing continues unabated; weeping has overtaken our tears, and still we do not receive help from any quarter".

Because, All-seeing and Mighty Lord, there is not amongst us today, a prince or a leader. Not an irreproachable Serb, nor a sacrifice pure and unstained, nor a genuine offering from a blameless heart. We have all strayed from Thy path. Because we've distanced ourselves from Thee, because we've left Thee, the Wellspring of Life, and sought other newly-dug wells, where the water was tainted even before it ran dry, from which we're now being offered muddy water and sludge in an attempt to poison us with the venom of worldly serpents and global vipers. Thou has rightfully imposed upon us Thyne neglect. May this deserved estrangement from Thee and Thyne people, as well as from ourselves, in our country within our own temporal flesh, never recur.

Thy houses of worship have been desecrated and torched in our country; sacred monastic sanctuaries razed and destroyed. Pure crosses and icons of Thy Holy saints and martyrs have been shattered. Trampled underfoot, first by domestic atheists, and now by the foreign heretics and multifarious occupiers. And so today, as in the time of the Turks, in this Holy Land of the ancient shrines of our fathers, " a solitary Christ extends his arms, awaiting His absent congregation". It's not there Lord, because your flock has been betrayed and sold; turned over to wolves, handed over to inhumane sycophants and subjugators. It has been sold off, as in the days of slavery, left to the whims and mercy of callous foreigners and murderous Albanian arsonists.

The devastation is everywhere. From the Holy Savior's church in Pec, which is once again surrounded by janissaries bent on looting and setting it ablaze, and it continues on both sides of the River Drim throughout Metohia, which has been torched, and its Serbian population exiled. Then across the burned out and destroyed Nerodimlje district, to the fire-gutted Binca Monastery in the Morava plain. With each passing day, attacks become more frequent on the ancient Serbian historic sites of Izmornik and Novo Brdo. From Mt. Sar and the fire-bombed monastery of Holy Trinity in Musitiste, and St. Mark's in Korisa, to the charred Serbian ruins of Podkaljaja in Prizren, and across to King Nemanja's Hoca where Zociste monastery has been leveled to its foundations. From the new concentration camp for Serbs in Orahovac, to Goles which was demolished by NATO bombing, across to King Milutin's Pristina depopulated with sword and flame, to Prince Lazar's Samodreza church, across the Lab river basin and Bajgora.

Herein lies our new Kosovo Crucifixion, just as six hundred years before a great marble Cross was erected over the same Kosovo Battlefield. Then our fathers, though physically defeated, remained spiritually unconquered.

They built the memorial cross and inscribed it with these words as a living testament to their faith, humanity and heroism: "O man, who treads upon this Serbian soil, whosoever or whatsoever you may be, when you come upon this field which is Kosovo, all across it you will see the skeletons of the dead. Among them, you will behold me, in stony form, a Cross marker, standing erect as a banner in the midst of the battlefield. Here fell a great ruler; a marvel of a man and Serbian Czar, by the name of Lazar. He was a great and pious prince, a pillar of devotion, a man of deep wisdom and fiery intellect. He was a shield to strangers and those in need of refuge. He provided nourishment for the hungry and compassion for the lowly. And was a comfort and solace for the grieving and one who loved all that Christ desired".

And now, compassionate Lord, after six centuries, a pseudo-czar and a false prophet from Gazimestan rules over us. More like a Muslim convert than a Serb, he proclaimed that there would be no betrayal, even though we knew that treachery had already been committed and was now merely being revealed. With such a godless leader and pseudo-Serb, we're left to dwell "on this earth, but without land, on Kosovo but without Kosovo, of Milos Obilic yet without him, by ourselves but without ourselves". Possessing honor and reputation, we have been left without either, because that godless communist, that beast and turncoat, trampled and soiled them. Being what he is, in the words of a Serbian poet, he was not able, and cannot fight to defend Kosovo, because: "neither a Turk nor apostate can defend your people, nor an arsonist protect against fire, nor a Pharaoh deliver you from slavery. A false savior will readily lead you to Babylon and into a new captivity". That is how this pyromaniac who torched his own home and others', impostor and traitor, has rapidly led us to this hellish impasse. He has brought us to a place where innocent victims lie unburied, massacred children remain unmourned, holy shrines desecrated and burnt, where an entire people have been scorned, trampled and humiliated.

His ten-year reign of insanity and inhumanity has been attributed to my people, granted, an imperfect people but Thyne nonetheless dear Lord, with a conscience and a capacity for repentance. Just like this dictator are the foreign tyrants and hypocrites. Refined yet callous are these barbarians of the pseudo-Christian West, who are even more cunning, insincere and deceitful. They're happy with this outcast from God such as he is, because he provides them the opportunity to inflict their inhumanity on us as they have in the past upon other small peoples and nations around the world. They view him as they see themselves, then judge our people the same way. They, and their domestic sycophants, idolatrous worshippers of Esperia, the New Demonia, mock us because we consider ourselves to be God's people. Because we believe in Justice and God's Truth and still adhere to our fathers' covenant with Heaven, and venerate the Kosovo sacrifice made by our Martyrs and New Martyrs.

It is quite just and true, what the Serbian people of Kosovo today know and feel: " God is angry at the Serbs, because of their many mortal sins. Our leaders trampled upon the Law, and chose folly to be their guiding light. Our own leaders, God's curse be on their souls, carved the empire into little pieces; our own leaders, miserable cowards, thus became the betrayers of our nation".

For five centuries we suffered under the foreign yoke, never completely liberated, but neither totally enslaved, nor alienated from God or ourselves. We suffered from invasions and onslaughts of every evil, from East and West, but our greatest suffering occurred during the most recent fifty-year occupation by those estranged from God and the people. The Serbian nation has suffered at the hands of the godless and inhuman communists and neo-communists, who became rulers with the help of Western atheists and antichrists. It was from the West, and because of it, that the current and most terrible evil has been visited upon us. From these barbarians of the eerily radiant, and simultaneously obscuring West, neither liberty nor humanity has ever emanated, but rather only so-called "new world orders", new enslavements replacing previous ones, such as this present tyranny and bombing. From Easter to Easter, and from Good Friday to Good Friday. Their last three-month NATO-bombing of innocent and enslaved people was grandly proclaimed, by our domestic tyrant, as well as the foreign tyrants, each for themselves, as their victory. So then Lord, Righteous Judge, who was defeated?

O Lord of the Heavenly Host and Judge above earthly tyrants. We, the innocent people, the enslaved captives, are the defeated ones.

We sit Lord on the banks of the rivers of Kosovo and Metohia: Lab and Sitnica, Drim and Bistrica, and weep like Thy people of Israel once did in Babylon. They won't even offer us pure water to drink, nor allow us to harvest what remains of our wheat, nor to bury our murdered kin, nor sing our ancient Kosovo hymns. Tearfully we eat our stale bread, while being told about abundant humanitarian aid. And who can receive such "help" with an open heart, when it's offered conditionally; when we are blackmailed in exchange for a meal. In many places there is no one to distribute it to, except for an old man or woman here or there, evicted from their homes or apartments. If they've somehow managed to survive, in places like Podujevo, Pristina, Stimlje or Prizren, they're maltreated, with wounds and bruises on their bodies and on their souls. "Three elderly women remain, holding up the Cross in Kosovo, out of three hundred thousand Serbs who lived here", cries one half-blind grandmother as she is guarded by tanks of the mighty NATO super-power!

Two thirds of the Serbian population have been expelled and exiled from the "ethnically cleansed" towns and villages of Kosovo and Metohia. "From Cacane, brother, to Zvecane", the Serbs have been virtually eliminated, much as they were during the Turkish occupation, or as in Ustasha-run Croatia. All the while, the "humanitarian" visitors from the West and their sighted, yet unseeing diplomatic escorts keep asking: "How many of you still remain?" The much tormented Bishop of Kosovo-Metohia, "a sad orphan without friend or kinfolk", replies with bitterness and tears: "We are few in number, yet we are not counted".

A global military force of massive proportions has come to Kosovo, for the stated purpose of stopping aggression and ethnic persecution. Since its arrival however, unspeakable acts of aggression have been perpetrated against Serbs; murders and acts of destruction committed, yet unacknowledged by the world community. During the NATO bombing campaign, bombs and rockets virtually destroyed the wheat fields and vineyards, leaving no grain for communion bread, or wine for the Holy Liturgy. The plains of Kosovo and Metohia are furrowed with bomb craters, farm fields and gardens are poisoned with depleted uranium, and human souls have been embittered and quashed by the inhumanity of it all.

Under the auspices of KFOR "peacemakers", unforeseen evil and aggression against an entire people has intensified to unprecedented levels. The end to this suffering is nowhere in sight as KFOR refuses to use its power to stop the criminal Albanian rampage. How can they, when the Albanian gang leaders are allies and collaborators in NATO's "new world order". It's a partnership in neocolonialism; a new way to control the world through drugs, weapons, money, and various other forms of criminality, all under the label of "demo(n)cracy".

Wherever these barbarians from the West have gone, they've brought war and misfortune. They claim to be bearers of peace and human rights, but bring only greater misery and injustice. They do not resolve problems, but magnify and prolong them. They appear refined but are vulgar, seemingly friendly but are brutal, much like the tools and weapons of their trade, and are just as inhumane as their anti-Christian godlessness.

They claim to be an example for the world and a measure of all things. But they do not have the means to measure, nor desire to know Justice or Truth. They make grand pronouncements about the "new order" of things in the world, but they are faded and worn-out like their sins and inhumanity. Their hearts are decayed, gnawed away by the suspicion that they may appear unsuccessful and lose the confidence (or in their words "credibility of NATO") to lead all of humanity and be its harbingers of joy. Their "new world order" is nothing more than age-old subjugation, re-cycled greed, self-serving interest, and power lust. All in an effort to dominate the world and re-shape it in their own image. Anyone opposed to their plans and designs is proclaimed an outcast, labeled as intolerant, or "uncooperative" and as such deemed unworthy of life or existence. They constantly talk about liberty, but they themselves are slaves to base passions and are unconcealed idolaters of false gods. Wherever they trod, "they leave behind a stench of inhumanity". They constantly shout: "Peace, peace!", but lack it within their own hearts and consciences. That is why they bring disorder wherever they go. They only posses one single argument and single approach to peace; the use of bombs, tanks, NATO, and occupation. War is in their soul and they sow it wherever they go. When they choose not to declare war, they wage "air campaigns", which is their euphemism for the destruction of nations and peoples with uranium-depleted bombs and infernal rockets. And all this is deemed as representing "European" or "Western civilization". We see it as the NATO-fication of the last remnants of Europe, the twilight of a once-Christian civilization. The lasting legacy of that civilization will be: treachery, deadly weapons, and police batons. Berlin and Brussels, New York and Washington have truly become a "the sledge hammer of the earth" as were Egypt and Babylon, Rome and Constantinople in antiquity. Today's "global sledge hammers" are bereft of true human civilization and culture but instead are flush with hypocrisy and moral posturing. Behind their smooth, appealing facade is a festering, postulating maggot pile.

They claim to be anti-Communist, but their behavior is identical to the communists of old. They engage in the tyrannical enslavement of people and nations, trampling human hearts and minds, all the while offering hyperbole about "human rights, liberty, and equality".

The reality of their rhetoric however, comes to an equation of death. Their power is a virtual steamroller that crushes everything which differs from their template. They clearly aspire to reconfigure the world to their exact specifications, in their own image and likeness which is that of apocalyptic beasts, antichrists, god-men and pseudo-gods.

For centuries, the West has prevented us from liberating ourselves; from getting our house in order, constantly imposing upon us their dictates and prefabricated solutions. Those solutions cannot even be realized, let alone sustained, because they are a product of aggression and injustice. They are not a creation of human excellence and virtue, but Satan's handiwork; the fruit of treachery, godlessness and inhumanity. The West persists in this aggressive behavior in order to continue meddling in our house so that that they may profit from our suffering and pain. All the while telling us, without a trace of shame or remorse: "You're not capable of organizing your household, or maintaining order in your yard". As if we could forget all that they've done to us in the wars and occupations we've been subjected to. Or how they "liberated" us, only to make us slaves twice over that which we had been. All to prevent us from being who we were, and who we can become. To make us over in their own idolatrous image, as the Lord's prophets warned long ago.

Arise, o Lord my God, and judge Thy people and nations by Thy eternal Justice and Truth. Let Thy hand be raised, and may Thou not forget Thy needy 'til the end of time. Install, o Lord, a law-giver above both us and them, and let all people and nations understand that they are mere human beings. Because those which have attacked us, now have surrounded and subjugated us, and have trained their eyes with the intention of exterminating us. They intend to pound us into the ground, to annihilate and erase any trace of our existence. They wish to destroy Thyne shrines, simply because they are not like theirs. They are resentful that we know and remember that "in a martyred land, martyrs are needed".

O God our Savior, Hope of the world, even of the smallest and most distant corners of the earth. We know from our life's bitter experience, and from the historic journey and forbearance of our fathers, that the greater the misfortune, the greater the hope of salvation. That is the mystery of Thy Son's Cross, as well as the mystery of our crucifixion and resurrection on the path through this Valley of Tears that is this earth.

Lord, Thou merciful who loveth mankind, Savior of souls, we pray to Thee with wounded bodies, dispirited souls, with subdued spirits and faltering voices. We pray and beseech Thee to be admitted again. Allow the sacrifice of our humiliation to be accepted before Thee, and let Thy holy will today rule above us. For there is no shame for those who are bound to Thee. And now we adhere to Thee with all our heart, and fear Thee, seeking Thy face. Do not make us ashamed on this day of reckoning and our hour of temptation. In Thy Name's ske, do not forsake us 'til the end time, and do not break the bond of Thy covenant. Do not completely distance us from Thy mercy, for the sake our fathers, Thy righteous servants. Hear us Lord, for the sake of the sainted Sava and the martyred Lazar. For the sake of innocent children murdered and exiled, and grieving orphans. Our collective soul has become filled with apprehension, our hearts and bellies with tumult, our bones with tremors because of our many transgressions, and of Thy righteous anger. Descended from Nemanja and Lazar, Orlovic and Tankosic, we have become unworthy of our ancestors. Our tormentors are uprooting the foundations of Thy shrines, thereby extracting the roots of our life and being. They want to destroy Decani monastery and dismantle the beautiful Gracanica, to remove the cross atop the Patriarchate of Pec, and build a minaret atop Ljeviska church. "They've severed the nerves in our eyes, and now would like to snatch away the "seeing" white cane from our hands. Land we've received from Heaven, others have promised away", sold, and they have betrayed us to our mortal enemies.

But don't Thou, our only Lord, betray us. Thou, the One True God, do not abandon us to our mortal enemies and executioners, but call us to Thee and again give us life. Should even my skin decomopose, and my bones rot, I will again arise and stand before Thee, glorify Thee, and confess to Thy Holy Name. For we, as a people were of your flock, but were made sacrificial lambs, and objects of prey for wild beasts, and food for worms. Along with the criminal on the cross, we cry: "Remember us, o Lord, in Thy Kingdom".

Gentle and Almighty Lord, look at Thy needy, who for centuries have been oppressed and trampled by all who have passed this way. Remind Thyself that we are earthly dust, with a soul inside our bodies. For Thou hast stood, in the beginning, above the dust and called us from non-being into being, led and resurrected us from death into life. For Thou art the Resurrection and Life, and Thy many mercies are boundless, before which my sins are like dust and ashes to be dissolved and dispersed by the breeze of Thy Spirit and cleansed by the Cross of Thy Son, so that we can be made whiter than snow and more radiant than the sun.

In all of this Lord, we have not forgotten Thee. Because of it, Thou wilt not forget the trampled plantings of Thy vineyard. If we should forget our Lord's Name, or if we hold out our hands to a false and alien god, bring us back and re-direct us, illuminate us with the radiance of Thy face. Cleanse us of our visible and secret sins and transgressions, resurrect us from our graves. Because Thou art God who ventured and descended into hell, broke the shackles of the captives and resurrected Adam's progeny, consecrating for us the Heavenly Kingdom.

Should I forget you Kosovo, my Jerusalem, may my right hand be forgotten. May my tongue cleave to my palate if I fail to remember you, Metohia mine, or if I do not place you at the beginning of my song, my psalmody to God, who is my salvation.

Stefan of Metohia
Hariton of Kosovo


+ The monk Hariton (Lukic) was kidnapped by Albanians in the presence of KFOR troops in the middle of Prizren on June 14th, 1999.

+ Hiermonk Stefan (Puric) was kidnapped in front of the monastery Budisavci in Metohia on July 19, 1999 by Roman Catholic Albanians.

To date, the international forces of NATO and UNMIK have not located them.

Bishop Atanasije, the author
Bishop Atanasije Jevtic, the author of "The Cry"