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The focal web point for Kosovo and Metohia issues
Politics History
  • Offensive in The Balkans by Yossef Bodansky (1995) /the complete Internet edition/ One of the most important policy document of the decade reveals new facts which should significantly affect the way US external policy is made toward the former Yugoslavia.
  • Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in The Balkans, by Yossef Bodansky (1996) /the complete Internet edition/ An Overwhelming Deluge of Facts Behind the Ongoing Tragedy of the Balkans -- Vital New Facts You Must Know About US Policy
  • The New World Order and Yugoslavia by Gerard Baudson (1996) /the complete Internet edition/ French geostrategics study on Former Yugoslavia.
  • I Accuse! by Rajko Dolecek (1999) /the complete Internet edition/ This book explaines role of the West played in Yugoslavia, during the civil-ethnic-religious war, up to present tragic events in Kosovo and Metohia.
  • The Kosovo Chronicles by Dusan Batakovic (1992) /the complete Internet edition/ Book on history and nature of Serbo-Albanian relationship, by famous Balkans historian. Essential reading!
  • The Kosovo Question: Past and Present by Dimitrije Bogdanovic (1985) Summary of a book by renowned Serbian historian, published by Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
  • The Balkan Geopolitical Knot and the Serbian Question (Characteristics and Importance of the Geographical Position of the Balkan Peninsula) by Jovan Ilic (From Serbian Question in the Balkans, University of Belgrade, 1995.)
  • The Migration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo and Metohija / the complete Internet edition / Life of Kosovo Serbs under the Albanian dominated Kosovo autonomy prior to Milosevic
  • The Battle of Kosovo (Serbian Medieval Epic Poems) /the complete Internet edition/ The Battle of Kosovo cycle of heroic ballads is generally considered the finest work of Serbian folk poetry. Translated by John Matthias and Vladeta Vuckovic
  • Kosovo Origins by Hugo Roth /the complete Internet edition/ A comprehensive historical overview of the Kosovo problem. The goal of this valuable study is to help better understanding of Serb-Albanian relations through the history.
  • Kosovo by William Dorich /the complete Internet edition/ Another valuable historical study of the Kosovo and Metohija history. The author offeres an anthology of texts important for better understanding of the Kosovo problem.
  • The Saga Of Kosovo by Alex Dragnich & Slavko Todorovich /the complete Internet edition/ An elaborated historical analysis of the complicated Serb-Albanian relations during the last several centuries. The book covers the contemporary history until 1984. A rich catalogue of select bibliography.
Destinies The Official Web Site of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese

"Replacing of one repression by another in Kosovo, after the NATO intervention, is one of the most disturbing evidences of an essential failure of the international community to secure peace and manifest true credibility and leadership"

Fr. Sava from Decani monastery, August 1999

The Official Web Site of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese

The Diocese of Raska and Prizren is one of the oldest dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It comprises the vast area of Kosovo, Metohija and the Raska region in Southern Serbia. The seat of the Diocese is Prizren, the ancient medieval Serbian capital. The Diocese is known for its many old monasteries and churches from the Middle Ages. Despite numerous invaders who devastated many of these sacred monuments the rich Orthodox Christian tradition in this region has been preserved.

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Updated List of Destroyed Churches

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Response to Noel Malcolm's book "Kosovo. A short history" - Scientific Discussion on Noel Malcolm`s book

The movie about erasing of Christianity and destroying of 78 churches in Kosovo and Metohia
Orthodox Church of Kosovo and Metohia before deploying of UN forces (KFOR)
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Orthodox Church of Kosovo and Metohia after deploying of UN forces (KFOR) [June 1999 - April 2000]
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