Church of the Holy Virgin Odigitria
in Musutiste

The church was destroyed by Albanian extremists in July 1999

The church in Musutiste before destruction
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The endowment of the main accountant Jovan Dragoslav and his family is located above the village of Musutiste, 10 km south-east of Suva Reka. It was built in 1315 which is evidenced by a long and neat stone inscription above the western portal. The founder was one of the first Serbian landlords who was in the position to build such a big church. It was built with alternate layers of stone and brick, while the semi-circular altar apse has a more complex decoration in the combination of brick and mortar. Its foundation has the shape of the shortened cross with the dome supported by four free columns. Only fragments of paintings are preserved, so that four archpriests painted in the altar area (including one of the oldest representations of St. Kliment Ohridski) and several individual figures in the northern-western corner of naos (holy women, warriors Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat, angels and St. Panteleimon) speak about the great skill and education of the painter. Although they have no direct parallels, the Musutiste frescoes can be placed among the most beautiful achievements of the epoch of King Milutin. Although their creation was not mentioned in the founder’s inscription, it is supposed that they were painted immediately after the completion of construction and by 1320 at the latest. The church keeps two throne icons from 1603. The temple was renewed in the second half of the 19th century. No conservation works were carried out. 

 The Destroyed Church With a Bell Tower

 The Only Remains of the Ancient Church

 The Remains of the 14th cent. Church

 Only rubble was left

 The Church Was Demolished by Professional Miners

 The vandalizam in the Parish Center

 The Priest's Home Was Torched

The Holy Virgin Church, 1315
The Altar Wall

The Scenes of the Church Demolished by the Albanian Extremists
(beginning of July 1999) (German KFOR Sector)