of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Collection of Works
Volume 18

Response to Noel Malcolm's Book

Scientific Discussion on Noel Malcolm`s book "Kosovo. A Short History"
(Macmillan, London 1998, 492)
8th October 1999

This book contains eight historical studies with the criticism of Noel Malcolm's book: Kosovo A Short History. The texts were read at the Discussion organized by the Historical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art in Belgrade on October 8, 1999.

"Needless to say, the motifs for this Discussion are scientific. It was not organized because the book in question is worthy of it as a scientific work, but because it deals with a phenomenon deserving to be thoroughly discussed. Noel Malcolm's book Kosovo. A Short History is not a scientific work, yet the general public, and even some professional circles, have accepted it as an objective presentation of the past, notably the past of Kosovo. The publicity it has received in many media in the West as well as its eager inclusion in the holdings of many libraries bear witness to that".

From the Foreword of the Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Slavenko Terzic

C O N T E N T S:

1. About this Scientific Discussion (Slavenko Terzic)

2. Milorad Ekmecic, Historiography by the Garb Only

3. Djordje Jankovic, Middle Ages in Noel Malcolm's Kosovo. A Short History and Real Facts

4. Ema Miljkovic-Bojanic, Malcolm's Apology of the "Pax Ottomana"

5. Slavenko Terzic, Old Serbia in the Eyes of the "Merciful Angel": the Phenomenon of the Historian as à Destructionist

6. Mile Bjelajac, Pro et Contra: Some Western Echoes of Noel Malcolm's Book Kosovo. A Short History

7. Djordje Borozan, Malcolm's View of Kosovo n the Twentieth Century

8. Ljubodrag Dimic, Facts and Interpretations of Education and Everyday Terror


Milorad Ekmecic, Shorter History
Criticism of the Shorter History of Bosnia by Noel Malcolm


Director of the Institute of History