Destruction of Serb Monuments
in Post-War Kosovo

Immediately after the end of war and the beginning of UCK raids in Kosovo cities among the first targets were Serb Orthodox churches and other cultural monuments. The statues and monuments which the Serb people erected in memory of their great writers, poets, kings and bishops were systematically pulled down by enraged Albanian crowds.

The monument to the famous Serb Emperor Dusan in Prizren was pulled down on June 14 and was later in Jule blown up by explosive.

The monument to Emperor Uros in Urosevac was blown up in July 1999 in Urosevac.

The monuments to the Serb 19th century writer Vuk Karadzic and the famous Montenegrin Prince-Bishop and poet Petar Petrovic Njegos were pulled down on July 2 in Pristina during a massive Albanian rally led by UCK leader Hashim Thaci. The monuments were trailed by tractors down the Pristina streets and dumped in garbage. Despite strong appeals by Bishop Artemije and Mr. Trajkovic to UN and KFOR to find and restore the monuments they were never found.

Albanian crowd with a flag and axes on the monument of Vuk Karadzic
Albanian crowd with a flag and axes ready to pull down the monument July 2

Pulling down the monument
Pulling down of the monument of the Serb 19th century writer

The monument of Vuk Karadzic
Finally the monument was dumped in garbage and later completely destroyed

The statue of Consul Yastrebov in front of Bishop's Residence in Prizren was pulled down and destroyed in the first half of July.

The monument of St. Prince Lazar in Gnjilane which stood at the main square was removed by US KFOR because Albanians threatened that they would blow it up.

The monument of Dositey Obradovich, the 18th century Serb writer and philosopher was destroyed in front of Pristina University Rectorate in August 1999.

The monument of Prince-Bishop Njegos
The monument to the famous Prince-Bishop Njegos in Pristina

Pulled down monument
The monument was pulled down on July 2 rally and later completely destroyed

At about 11 p.m. on Monday night (Feb 8) in Obilic, a group of Albanian vandals toppled over the statue of Milos Obilic, which stood proudly in the town square. The statue was pulled down from the platform on which it stood and was trailed through the streets of Obilic by a tractor. Eventualy it broke into a number of pieces. The nearest KFOR post was only 80 meters away. KFOR report says that the soldiers could not intervene because of thick fog. KFOR engineers are said to be examining the possibility of restoring the monument.