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This page is the work of voluntary work by several Serb Americans who have been supplying decani.yunet.com with regular information on the events related to Kosovo in the international press.

The goal of this page is to prove that KLA is not a genuine movement of freedom fighters but a highly morally corrupted organization deeply involved in terrorism and criminal activities, which makes it very dangerous for the regional stability. Despite its official disbandment in Sept 1999 it continues its existence through the elements of Kosovo Protection Corps, Kosovo Albanian mafia as well as different sattelite organizations like NLA, UCPBM, ANA etc, which are responsible for exporting the terrorism to the territory of Southern Serbia and FYROM. Former leaders of the UCK, now Kosovo renowned political leaders, are still pursuing the extremist goal of ethnic cleansing and creation of ethnically pure Kosovo and Western Macedonia.

One of the contemporary posters - UCK symbol, Adem Jashari and the Flag - the symbols
which bring together ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia, South Serbia and Albania.

UCK in quotations

"Ten years ago we were arming and equipping the worst elements of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan - drug traffickers, arms smugglers, anti-American terrorists…Now we're doing the same thing with the KLA, which is tied in with every known middle and far eastern drug cartel. Interpol, Europol, and nearly every European intelligence and counter-narcotics agency has files open on drug syndicates that lead right to the KLA, and right to Albanian gangs in this country."

former DEA agent and author Michael Levine
Quoted in the New American Magazine, May 24, 1999

"[The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles ... Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values."

Senator Jo. Lieberman, quoted in the 'Washington Post', 28 April 1999

"American intelligence agents have admitted they helped to train the Kosovo Liberation Army before NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia".

Tom Walker and Aiden Laverty, ‘CIA Aided Kosovo Guerrilla Army’, Sunday Times, 12 March 2000

Albanian Terrorism and Organized Crime in Kosovo and Metohija (K&M) 519 Kb html format

Security Information Agency (BIA), Belgrade, Sep 2003

We are enclosing an introductory part of a comprehensive report of the Belgrade based Security Information Agency (BIA) on ethnic Albanian terrorism and organized crime in Kosovo. The report was first published in Serbian in September 2003 and has been also republished by some Serbian media since then. The full zipped MS Word text of the report with names and biographies of 156 Kosovo Albanian extremists and terrorists responsible for many crimes during the conflict with Serbian Security forces in 1998-1999 as well as in the post-conflict period (1999-2003) is available at

http://www.geocities.com/amarant1200/alb_ter.zip (262 KB) Word document


Exclusive - Der Spiegel on Kosovo Albanian Crimes
The Cruelest Cleansings, by Renate Flotau
Der Spiegel, Sep. 21, 2002
The truth about the Albanian Extremist killings of their compatriots in Kosovo revealing a new insight to the Kosovo conflict

Twenty-four Albanians were shot, among them 13 children, and their houses were burned down. But the victims are not buried in the heroes’ cemetery at the end of the village, where under a sea of Albanian flags rest its former inhabitants killed in clashes with the Serbs. They are not buried there because, according to protected testimony by eyewitnesses, the Krasniqis were apparently executed by their compatriots only after the arrival of KFOR international peacekeeping forces in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. MORE


Macedonian intelligence has been in regular contact with the CIA and the FBI. Both have been supplied with details of the al-Qaeda relationship with militant Albanian nationalist groups in neighboring Kosovo, which is under U.N. protection, and Macedonia, which was spared a civil war last year following NATO brokering a peace agreement between the majority Macedonians and minority ethnic Albanians.

Intertwined Albanian groups in the region, most of them closely aligned with organized-crime syndicates, have as their objective the carving out of what they call "Greater Albania" — an area that includes 90,000 square kilometers (36,000 square miles) of Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.

See the articles below

Insight, Al-Qaeda Links in the Balkans, July 1, 02
Insight, Heroin and Sex Trade Fuel Albanian Nationalism, Aug. 13, 01

KLA circles in Kosovo a stronghold of Islamic Terrorism in Europe

Excerpt from the book Osama Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America (Rocklin CA: Prima Publishing Co., 1999, ISBN 0-7615-1968-8)

p. 399
The mujahideen established close relations with the key clans from the Drenica area in central Kosovo, the birthplace of the UCK, including Suleyman Selimi, "the Sultan," who comes from this area and is commander in chief of the UCK forces inside Kosovo. In these operations the mujahideen have already demonstrated their fearlessness and all-out commitment to the Muslim population. An example of this was the last stand of a mujahideen battalion of some fifty fighters under the command of Sheikh Muhammad al-Adalbi (also known as Abu-al-Abbas} north of the village of Meja. The battalion "was completely martyred following a ferocious battle with Serbian forces deep inside Kosovo" in which the Saudi and Egyptian mujahideen held the line, enabling the UCK to evacuate the Albanian civilians, destroy the local villages in an orderly scorched-earth withdrawal, and then reach Albanian sanctuary. The UCK destroyed the villages to alienate and radicalize the population so that they would fight the Serbs and to coerce the civilians to escape into exile so that there can be no normalization and Kosovo Albanian population under the control of the Serbs. This is a classic "revolutionary" strategy that has been implemented in several previous Islamic Liberation struggles such as those in Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Bosnia. A NATO spokesman attributed the emptying and destruction of Meja and surrounding villages to "Serbian ethnic cleansing."

With the Serb forces and NATO bombing eliminating the UCK's ability to operate inside Kosovo, the Islamists are also preparing for what they see as the fateful phase of fighting: when they wrest Kosovo from hostile non-Muslim hands, either Serb or NATO's...

Kosovo Liberation Army, UCK
Federation of American Scientists (FAS) - Short info on KLA

Structure and Strategy of the KLA, Human Rights Watch

The Kosovo Liberation Army - Tim Judah
Origins - War and Post War History

Inside the KLA by Chris Hedges - Foreign Affairs, May - June 1999
An detailed account of the KLA, its activities and history

Albanian Terrorists by Milan V. Petkovic
A comprehensive study about the Albanian terrorism in the Balkans

Brief History of the KLA, Who are the KLA, Who Funds Them
and Where Are They Going

Collection of quotes from different sources

A Look At Albanian Nationalism and KLA By John C. Sigler III

Inside the KLA by Rosa Liebknecht
The Kosovo Liberation Army has grown rapidly, and attracted the support of many young emigres and refugees. Surprisingly little is known about the group, and how close it remains to its left-wing origins.

Who is Who and What is What in the Albanian Cause
An informative Macedonian Web Page with detailed information on Albanian terrorist leaders
in Kosovo and Macedonia. The page is currently only in Macedonian but the English update is comming soon.

NLA/UCK Human Right Fighters or Terrorist, Reality Macedonia
Reality Macedonia offers many testimonies on continual attempts of
Albanian terrorists, especially those infiltrated from Kosovo, to destroy the
Macedonian state and initiate ethnic division

Greater Albania, by Tim Judah, New York Review of Books - The West had created a monster. Yes, we had severed the head of Greater Serbia only to discover that Balkan nationalism is hydra-headed. In its place we now stood confronted by the evil specter of rabid, expansionist Albanian nationalism, which aimed to create either a Greater Albania or at least a Greater Kosovo.....The prerequisite to creating a Greater Kosovo including parts of Macedonia or a Greater Albania has, of course, to be an independent Kosovo.

Under the menacing shaddow of the black two-headed eagle
Plan of "unification" - Greater Albania

Kosovo: Peace Now By Tim Judah, New York Review of Books - But are people like Mr. Thaci suitable candidates for coddling by Western diplomats and politicians? All sorts of charges have been leveled against the KLA. These include accusations that they are drug smugglers and, recently, that they have executed political opponents and dissenters. Certainly the KLA has taken money from the Kosovo Albanian mafia but this does not make the KLA, per se, a drug-smuggling organization. Besides, whatever outsiders may think and say, most Kosovo Albanians see it as their liberation army.


The KLA: Gangsters, Terrorists and the CIA, by Michael Chossudovsky
The author makes an analysis of the KLA exploring its connections with CIA and BND as well as Islamic circles. Deeply involved in all kinds of criminal activities including drug smuggling, sex slavery, money laundering etc, KLA extremists are far from freedom fighters. Presented as a genuine freedom fighting movement KLA was in fact a tool in the powerful hands of secret agencies in order to neutralize Yugoslavia as the uncooperative state in the Balkans.

Kosovo Albanian Rebels (1870-2001) - a photo gallery

 UCK rebel in Kosovo, 1998
Amb. Holbrooke with an UCK commander in 1998

UCK TERRORISTS - Amb. Holbrooke with an UCK commander, summer 1998
KLA Leaders have denied any responsibility for the war and post-war violence
against Serb and other non-Albanian citizens


Chronology of KLA Terrorism April 1996- February 1998

Humanitarian Law Center Report Related to KLA led violence against minorities

OSCE Report

Fr. Chariton Lukic and Fr. Stephen Puric abducted by
UCK members in summer 1999

Violent Abuses by KLA Members
Human Rights Watch Report, June 1999

Fun Facts About Our New Allies

Liberation, UCK At the Heart of Radicalization, Jan 21, 1999

Central Europe Com
KLA - The Army of Liberation, June 7, 2000

Post war persecution of Kosovo Serbs by Albanian Extremists

Freedom figjhters or terrorists
Freedom fighters or terrorists?

Human Rights Abuses against Serbs and others in 1998
Human Rights Violations Against Kosovo Serbs in 1998 HRW
Dissapearances of Serbs and other non-Albanians Jan - July 1998 HLC
Chronology of anti-Serb terror in Kosovo Apr 1996 - Feb 1998, YUPress
NCW, Jane's Says Moslem Guerillas Wage War of Terror Against Serbs
BBC, Circassians Flee Kosovo Conflict Threatened by KLA, Aug 2, 1998
Serbia Info, Samodreza Village Without Serbs, March 1, 1999

Human Rights Abuses against Serbs and others in 1998
Human Rights Violations Against Kosovo Serbs in 1998 HRW
Dissapearances of Serbs and other non-Albanians Jan - July 1998 HLC
Chronology of anti-Serb terror in Kosovo Apr 1996 - Feb 1998, YUPress
NCW, Jane's Says Moslem Guerillas Wage War of Terror Against Serbs
BBC, Circassians Flee Kosovo Conflict Threatened by KLA, Aug 2, 1998
Serbia Info, Samodreza Village Without Serbs, March 1, 1999

Deeply involved in serious KLA crimes and minority attcks, the war-time KLA leader Hashim Thaci, summer 1999, Pristina

Sunday Times, KLA faces trials for war crimes on Serbs, Sep 3 2000

KLA in Post-War Time (international press)

NYT, Whispers of New Tyranny in Kosovo
Times, Harvest Massacre Blamed on Kosovo Guerillas
Independent, UK, Organized Crime Gangs Rule Kosovo
NYT, Chaos and Intolerance Now Reign in Kosovo
LA Times, Kosovo Battles Resurgence of Organized Crime
WP, Kosovo Rebels Make Their Own Laws
Express (UK) Albanian Mafia, KLA and Kosovo Aid
NYT, Rebels Are Taking Charge of Kosovo
Reagan.Com, The Story of Commander Remi
NYT, Kosovo's Rebels Accused of Executions in the Ranks
WSWS, Kosovo "freedom fighters" financed by organised crime
NYT, In Kosovo, Gangs Dim the Luster of a 'Greater Albania'
Guardian, Old Serbs Become Terror Targets
Guardian, This is What Will Happen To Us All
Amnesty International Urges KLA Leader to Stop Human Rights Abuses
Start, New Paramilitary Army ready in Macedonia, June 2, 2000
Bota Sot, KLA Secret Service Persecuted Albanian Politicians, July 11, 2000
The Times, Violence Feared As KLA Fund Dries Up, July 24, 2000
ADN, Kosovar Refugees Fear Being Murdered by KLA, July 13, 2000
Reuters, Armed Albanian Group Enigma in South Serbia, Aug 7, 2000
Reuters, Former KLA Members Face War Crimes Probe, Aug 9, 2000
REUTERS, Former Kosovo Guerrillas Arrested in Gang Probe, Aug 25, 00
UNMIK, Ten Kosovo Albanians arrested in anti-crime operation, Aug, 25, 00

more about drug smuggling

Drugs for Arms - Albanian extremists operate it seems almost unhindered
by 40.000 NATO troops and UN police

The truth of Kosovo Albanian UCK/KLA terrorists, which were presented in western media as freedom fighters during the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia, more and more fills the international press pages now. While their supporters riot for days throught Kosovo cities protesting the arrest of two KLA commanders accused of war crimes against their own, Albanian people, Daily Telegraph presents a story of how the Albanian extremists buy millions of punds worth of weapons with the proceeds of heroin smuggling from Afghanistan to the streets of a dozen European capitals.

Rebels spend drug millions on guns
By Christian Jennings in Skopje, Feb 16, 2002

The Growth of Albanian Criminal Acitity - Albanian Mafia Frank Cass & Ridgeway Center for Intrnational Security Studies University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

And the Winner is.... The Albanian Mafia, Autumn 1999
by Frank Cilluffo and George Salmoiraghi


With the signing of peace treaties and the deployment of NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, the time has come to crown a victor. While NATO may have achieved its objectives in the "war" -- forcing Serbia to agree to remove its troops, allowing the Kosovars back into their homes, and establishing a peacekeeping force -- the real winner is the Albanian Mafia

It cost NATO about $5 billion to prosecute its air campaign, with the United States shouldering most of the burden. Peacekeeping efforts will cost at least an additional $3 billion a year, and in the days and years to come the victors will dole out about $50 billion for reconstruction. Not everyone, however, spent money. Scavenging amid the rubble of ethnic conflict, Albanian criminal clans known as fares, profited from the war and grew in breadth, depth, size, and influence. They extended their reach, entrenched themselves in government, and essentially usurped government authority. As a result of the fares' success, Albania is left teetering on the edge of lawlessness and ungovernability.

Smuggling is the Albanian mafia's core competency, and over the past decade the Albanians have steadily come to dominate smuggling to and within Europe, even overshadowing their erstwhile mentors, the Italian Mafia . . .

Download the full article, available in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format.

Reality Mac.: UN And Other Organizations In Kosovo Harbor KLA Criminals

An Interview with a former UNMIK policeman who explains how Albanian Mafia and extremists in Kosovo prosper despite the presence of KFOR and UN

National Post, Albanian Mob Invades Italy - Mafia, Apr 24

October 21, 200

UCK terrorists still operate in Kosovo, South Serbia and Macedonia


Interpol believes that Osama bin Laden is linked to Albanian gangs who have taken over a growing web of crime across Europe. The investigations into organised crime links with his terrorist network also show that Mr bin Laden supplied one of his top military commanders for an elite KLA unit during the Kosovo conflict. ...
Albanian heroin and gun trafficking gangs mushroomed during the Kosovo war and are becoming more powerful. They have taken control of 70 per cent of the heroin market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries.

Washington Post, Feds: Ecstasy ring linked to mob, Kosovo, Oct 25 2001
Frank J. Cillufo, a terrorism analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee last December that the Kosovo Liberation Army had its hands in the international drug trade before NATO troops moved in and ousted the Yugoslav army. "During the NATO campaign against the former Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999, the allies looked to the KLA to assist in efforts to eject the Serbian army from Kosovo," Cillufo said. "What was largely hidden from public view was the fact that the KLA raise part of their funds from the sale of narcotics. Albania and Kosovo are at the heart of the 'Balkan Route' that links Afghanistan and Pakistan to the drug markets of Europe. This route is worth an estimated $400 billion a year and handles 80 percent of heroin destined for Europe."

Sunday Times UK, CIA Aided Kosovo Guerrilla Army, March 12, 2000

Stratfor, NATO Learns - Too Late - For Whom It Won the War, June 25 1999
WSJ, KLA Leadership's Resistance To The UN Gains Momentum, July 6 1999
WSJ, NATO Link to KLA Rebels May Have Helped Seal Victory, July 6 1999
EC, NATO Has Installed Reign of Terror in Kosovo, July 30 1999
Stratfor, KLA Croation Connection Resurfaces, June 10 1999
IWPR, The KLA New Model Leader - gen. Agim Ceku, Aug, 4, 1999

ALBANIAN TERRORISTS - Islamic influence

Milan V. Petkovic, 1998 -- A particular intensification of Iranian activity in Albania and Kosovo and Metohija was registered after the meting of Islamic countries held in Jeddah in 1994, and the meeting of the D-8 group of Islamic countries held in Istanbul in 1996. Actually, the Balkan peninsula was chosen as a beachhead for an organized penetration of Islam into Europe. The escalation of terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija in 1997 and 1998, marked the beginning of a new phase of the long term plan that Teheran has prepared for the Balkans.

Kosovo "Freedom fighters" financed by organized crime, M. Chossudovsky


Secretary Albright and UCK leader Hashim Thaci

Secretary Albright greets Hahim Thaci, UCK leader August 1999, after the war

Serb priests and Italian soldiers found dead Serbs, summer 1999

Serbs killed by UCK found near Pec, Aug 99

After the NATO deployment many Serb civillians were killed by
UCK extremists
in the West seen as freedom fighters and allies

Washington finances Ethnic Warfare in the Balkans, M. Cossudovsky, 3 April 2001

"NATO's Balkan War: Finding an Honorable Exit," remarks at CATO conference by Jim Jatras (One of the most complete and acurate assessments of the Kosovo crisis. May, 1999 )

Bin Laden and the Balkan MuslimsBalkan Wars and Terrorist Ties

Islamic Militancy - Albania - Kosovo


BIN LADEN, IRAN AND THE KLA How Islamic Terrorism Took Root in Albania, by Christopher Delisso


OVERVIEW - KLA Islamic Links
The Times, US Alarmed as Mujahidins Join Kosovo Rebels, Nov 26, 1998
The Scotsman, US Tackles Islamic Militancy in Kosovo, Nov 30, 1998
AP, Bin Laden Operated Terrorist Network Based in Albania, Nov 29, 1998
Jerusalem Post, Kosovo Seen as New Islamic Bastion, Sep 14, 1998
Sunday Times, Bin Laden Opens a New Terrorist Base in Albania, Nov 29, 1998
Sunday Times, Iranians Move in (Kosovo Link), Mar 22, 1998

Saudi Arabians in Post-war Kosovo - Osama Bin Laden or not?
Reuters, Security Fears in Kosovo, NATO Raids Saudi House, April 3, 2000

Charisma Magazine, Kosovo Christians Targeted by Islamic Militants, May 18, 2000

Islamic Circles in UK and the Fund Raising for Arms in Kosovo
Sunday Telegraph UK, KLA Raises Money in Britain For Arms, Apr 23, 2000


Exclusive news - WTC attackers might have links with Albanian terrorists

Quotation from the article:

"Islamic radicals, including supporters of bin Laden, have been supporting Albanian rebels fighting in the region, including members of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Intelligence officials have said there are reports that KLA members have been TRAINED at bin Laden training camps in Afghanistan".

Reality Macedonia

Articles on KLA-Kosovo & Osama Bin Laden

Underestimating millitant Islamic influence in Kosovo and Albania helps creating
a new gateway for the "holy warriors" towards Western Europe. Using channels of Albanian mafia and UCK millitants Al Qaida strengthens its presence in Europe

The latest reports and discoveries from Macedonia (Reality Macedonia.com)

NLA/UCK Albanian extremists in Macedonia Directly Linked to Bin Laden

Mujaheddins still operating under the protection of Albanian terrorists
in Macedonia and Kosovo

Do Mujaheddins have Albanian Passports? The chief of the Albanian intelligence confirmed that 100.000 passports have been stolen


Kosovo seen as one of JIHAD LANDS on a Moslem Fundamentalist Web Site of www.azzam.com


Although they deny direct links with the Islamic Millitancy the Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and Macedonia keep using the same methods as jihad warriors targeting the monuments and values on which the Christian European culture is firmly based. As well as their Arab counterparts, Albanian terrorists are deeply involved in drug smuggling, prostitution, white slavery as well as all kinds of illegal acts. The following articles from the international press demonstrate that the links with the Islamic Militancy have always existed and it was only for the sake of public relations that they were not made public.

The New American, DANGER THE KLA IN USA, May 24 1999

"..the KLA is allied with Osama bin-Laden’s international terrorist network and funded, in large measure, by Albanian organized crime — particularly heroin trafficking. In 1994, when the insurrectionary KLA was still in its larval stage, France’s Observatire Geopolitique Des Drogues, a counter-narcotics bureau attached to the European Commission, reported that "heroin shipment and marketing networks are taking root among ethnic Albanian communities in Albania, Macedonia, and the Kosovo province of Serbia, in order to finance large purchases of weapons destined … for the brewing war in Kosovo."

Washington Times, KLA Rebels Train in Terrorist Camps, May 4, 1999

The reports said bin Laden's organization, known as al-Qaeda, has both trained and financially supported the KLA. Many border crossings into Kosovo by "foreign fighters" also have been documented and include veterans of the militant group Islamic Jihad from Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Many of the crossings originated in neighboring Albania and, according to the reports, included parties of up to 50 men.

Jane's International Defense Review, a highly respected British Journal, reported in February that documents found last year on the body of a KLA member showed that he had escorted several volunteers into Kosovo, including more than a dozen Saudi Arabians. Each volunteer carried a passport identifying him as a Macedonian Albanian.

The New American, Diving Into the Kosovo Quagmire, March 15 1999
KLA - from narco-mafia to terrorism

Destroyed Orthodox Shrines in Kosovo

Albanian Muslim terrorists destroyed more than 100 of churches in post-war Kosovo
Terrorists inspired by jihad ideas attack the heart of the United States -

Spectator (UK) - How we trained Al-Qaeda, Sep 12, 2003

Indeed, for all the Clinton officials' concern about Islamic extremists in the Balkans, they continued to allow the growth and movement of mujahedin forces in Europe through the 1990s. In the late 1990s, in the run-up to Clinton's and Blair's Kosovo war of 1999, the USA backed the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbia. According to a report in the Jerusalem Post in 1998, KLA members, like the Bosnian Muslims before them, had been 'provided with financial and military support from Islamic countries', and had been 'bolstered by hundreds of Iranian fighters or mujahedin ...[some of whom] were trained in Osama bin Laden' s terrorist camps in Afghanistan'. It seems that, for all its handwringing, the USA just couldn't break the pact with the devil.



Kosovo Albanian Militancy

Kosovo Albanian check-point in 1020ies during the rebellion of Azem Beita