Holy icons have been systematically destroyed in the churches all over Kosovo after the end of the war. The mania of smashing the icons and valuable medieval frescoes by Albanian nationalists demonstrates the anti-Christian and anti-European spirit of the extremists. Cemeteries of both Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Alabanians are not spared as well and wherever stands the sign of cross it is immediately destroyed.

Anti-Christian Campaign of Albanian Extremists

Smashed icons in Vucitrn

Desecrated Holy Icons in Serb Orthodox Churches in Kosovo, summer 1999

 Desecrated Icon

 Desecrated Icon

 Desecrated Icon

Icons of St. Nicholas, St. Demetrius and St. Panteleimon

 Desecrated icons in Musutiste

 Icon of the Holy Supper on ground, Smac, near Prizren

Desecrated icons in Musutiste and Smac, near Prizren

St Apostle Mark - Vandalized by UCK
St Sava's Icon Desecrated by UCK terrorists

KFOR and UN officials say that they do not know who is destroying our churches but the perpertrators have left their ID - UCK - Ushtria Clirimatare e Kosoves Extremist Albanian Organization responsible for many crimes in Kosovo but now disguised under the new transformed name of Kosovo Protection Corps under UN protection

Fresco of St. Peter Apostle (14th) century with profanized by Albanian
terrorists (Diego Armando Maradona is written), Matejce monastery - Macedonia

 The Attackers' Graffiti

 The UCK Signs on the Wall

Samodreza Orthodox church, near Vucitrn. Many churches were burned and the perpertrators of this vandalism left their signature - UCK - the acronym of the infamous Kosovo Albanian terrorist organization.

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A cross broken by vandals
A broken cross in a desecrated Serb cemetery, Kosovo