Kosovo Kristallnacht 17-18 March - tensions continue - 35 Orthodox churches destroyed - dozens of killed - hundereds of wounded in the outburst of Kosovo Albanian violence which is directed against Orrhodox Serbs and its Holy Sites as well as the NATO troops and UNMIK policemen who were defending them from ethnic cleansing

Cathedral church of St. George in Prizren after it
was burned by Albanian mob

The News on the latest Pogrom of March 17-20


Full reconstruction of the Kosovo pogrom, 15 – 20 March 2004

ERP KIM Info Service has received from well informed international sources in Kosovo a timeline of the incidents and events in Kosovo Province in the period between 15-20 March. At the moment the Diocese is actively collecting all available information on these events in which more than 4.000 Serbs have been left homeless, at least 8 Serbs died and around 30 churches have been either completely destroyed or seriously damaged by Kosovo Albanian mob. All available information and our contacts with different intelligence sources prove that the operation (called by some as Operation Matchstick) was carefully planned beforehand and that behind it are some of the Kosovo Albanian leaders.

Appeal for protection of the Christian heritage in Kosovo


Easter Celebration in Decani Monastery - 2003 - Photo Gallery


ChaliceThe Diocese of Raska and Prizren is one of the oldest dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It comprises the vast area of Kosovo, Metohija and the Raska region in Southern Serbia. The seat of the Diocese is Prizren, the ancient medieval Serbian capital. The Diocese is known for its many old monasteries and churches from the Middle Ages. Despite numerous invaders who devastated many of these sacred monuments the rich Orthodox Christian tradition in this region has been preserved.

Bishop ArtemijeThis Web Page is designed to help our visitors to learn more about the Serbian Orthodox Church, our Diocese and Orthodox Faith and Tradition in general. Currently we are experiencing a great revival of monasticism in our Diocese, despite the fact that Orthodox Christians are few in this region which is now inhabited mostly by Moslems. 

It was 20 years ago when our present Bishop Artemy gathered several young monks in CrnaReka hermitage, far away in the mountains of southern Serbia. Since then the number of monks and nuns has grown up considerably, so that now almost all monasteries of our Diocese are swarming with young monastics eager to revive ascetic life in once glorious monasteries and hermitages.

PHOTO: Bisho of Raska and Prizren - Artemije (Radosavljevic)

The Diocese survived with God's help the war in Kosovo 1998-1999 but the worst suffering come after the arrival of the international UN Peace Mission. More than 100 Orthodox churches have been demolished or vandalized, many cemeteries have been desecrated. More about the suffering of our Church and the people you may find on our subpage devoted to the POST WAR SUFFERING. At the moment the Diocese led by Bishop Artemije is still making efforts to ensure the physical and spiritual survival of its people.

More about our Diocese

History of Kosovo and Metohija A detailed historical overview of the turbulent history of Kosovo and Metohija region. The text covers six historical periods between the 12th century and our own time.

Kosovo and Metohija on a 3D map

Mediaval sarcophagus of the Archbishop of Serbia - Daniel II, 14th c. Pec Patriarchate

Pilgrimage of an American Monk to Kosovo and Metohija
For All Abandoned Homes, Orthodox Word

Patriarch Pavle on the Importance of Raska and Prizren Orthodox Diocese

Patriarch PavleThe area of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren has for ages been the central territory of our people and church life. It remainted so even after all devastation, because it is the place of the most important achievements of church architecture, painting and literature of the Serbian people through their historical existence. These testemonies to the Ortodox religion and the tradition of St. Sava are preserved in numerous monasteries in Kosovo and Metohia. These holy places were built with awareness of the unerring and eternal criterion of the value of man and his deeds, as well as the value of nation, established by God`s words on the greatness of serving God and one`s fellow human.

The same awareness, of serving, of serving God and on`s kinsmen, prompted not only powerful and the rich, kings and noblemen, to have churches and monasteries constructed, but inducted common people as well to build them and to restore and construct them again from ruins and ashes.

Long before the battle on the field of Kosovo (1389) our people were thus taught and shown a heavenly understanding of life and death. And this mean that love of God is shown through love for one`s fellow humans, that having chosen the eternal Heavenly kingdom we do not renounce the temporary life on Earth; that, believing in the immortal soul we do not forsake caring for our historical self.

Today, when the skies over Kosovo and Metohia are overcast, we should remind ourselves and others of the truth that we were not asked whether we wanted to be born in this time and as a member of this, or some other nation, here, or on some other soil. We are neither to praise, nor to blame for this. But, whether we will act as humans or not, this depends on, as well as whether we will survive or to vanish as humans or non-humans before God and mankind.

The inherited homeland of the Serbs, Kosovo is our duty before God and before those long-suffering people who, despite ever more abandoned homes, cherish those holy places belonging not only to Serbs but all of mankind as well.

Christmas 1999
The Patriarch of Serbia
(before he was elevated to the patriarchal throne in 1990 Kyr Pavle had been Bishop of Raska and Prizren 30

Bishop Artemije and the monks in front of St. Sava Cathedral
in Belgrade, May 2002
Monks of Raska and Prizren Diocese in Pilgrimage to Central Serbian
Monasteries and Belgrade

Holy Baptism at Visoki Decani Monastery
July 28 2002

Serbian Church in History By Very Reverend Dr. Radomir Popovic A detailed survey of the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church with catalogues of Saints, Archbishops and Patriarchs. Serbian Orthodox Church has played a major role in the history of the Serbian people and the Balkans in general.

Natural Beauties of Kosovo and Metohija a photo gallery showing some of the most beautiful landscapes of Serbia's southern province.


St. Luke's Mission, Toronto
Visit St. Luke's Mission




Ibrahim Rugova - denying the Serb Christian heritage in Kosovo and Metohija
A commentary by Fr. Sava on the statement of Ibrahim Rugova in which he pushes forward incorrect historical theories intended to negate the Serb Orthodox heritage in the province.

New Martyrs of Our Diocese (1941-1999) Page dedicated to those of us who died martyr's death for their faith and the Lord from the hands of ungodly Albanian militants and communist authorities. Beside them there are many whose names are not known to us but are known only to our Lord Christ.

Systematic destruction of Orthodox churches in Kosovo-Metohoija and Macedonia, by Karl Savich

The Map of Destroyed Shrines
The Map of Destroyed Shrines in Post-war Kosovo

The comprehensive list of Orthodox monuments in Kosovo and Metohija

of main Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and Metohija - 500 Kb

Important Serbian Orthodox Monuments in Kosovo and Metohija Region

Extensive List of Cultural and Historic Monuments (both Christian and Moslem) in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija
The list covers the most important works of architecture and art in the Province.

Response to Noel Malcolm's Book Kosovo: A Short History
- Complete internet edition of an entire book which consists of 9 historical essays which comment certain controversial positions stated in the Book of Noel Malcolm.

The Art of our Famous Monasteries

The Art of Decani MonasteryThe Art of Gracanica Monastery
The Art of the Patriarchate of PecThe Holy Virgin of Ljevis Cathedral
The Art of Banjska Monastery
The Art of the Holy Archangels' Monastery
The Foundation for the Protection of the Cultural Monuments of Serbia

To Understand Serbs - look at their art in Kosovo By Waldemar Januszczak - an attempt to understand Serbs and their mentality through the Serb Orthodox art in Kosovo.

The Cry of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia, Bishop Atanasije Jevtic

Map of shrines


Celebration of Light in Decani Monastery - The beauty of ancient frescoes is revealed under the light of polyeleons during the monastic services at Decani Monastery.

Visit our Christmas Page Decani Monastery Winter Gallery

Learn more about our faith  


Read about the Orthodox Church

What is Orthodox Christianity?

  Liturgical Life
Decani monastery photo galleries
The life of Decani monks in photos



Christian Orthodox Heritage Exposed to Desecration and Destruction in Kosovo After the Kosovo war 1998-1999 and the deployment of nearly 40.000 international NATO led peacekeepers Kosovo Albanian Moslem extremists have destroyed or desecrated more than 100 Orthodox Christian churches many of which were built in the Middle Ages and belong to the World Christian Heritage. The process of eradication of Serb Christian culture has not stopped even three years after the end of the war.

 The Destroyed Church With a Bell Tower

Desecrated Heritage

The ruins of the Orthodox church in Suva Reka 

 The Monastery of St. Mark in Korisa

The Church Was Mined in a Professional Way
Destroyed churches and monasteries Desecrated Icons and Frescoes
Destroyed Monuments

Suffering of Kosovo Serbs in Post War Kosovo

Suffering of Kosovo Serbs in Post-war Kosovo

Human Rights Abuses

Photo Story

Kosovo as it really is...

Orthodox Monks Abducted by Albanians in 1999 - After the war in Kosovo Fr. Hariton and Fr. Stefan were abducted by Albanian militants. The body of Fr. Hariton was found in 2000 while there are no information about Fr. Stefan. Unconfirmed rumours say that he was brutally murdered too and that his body is thrown in an empty well near Istok.

Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate
The Official Web Site

Office of External affairs of the Serbian Orthodox Church

A Pilgrimage to Kosovo by ryassaphore nun Natalia - A story about an American Orthodox nun who visited the most important Serbian Orthodox shrines .

The Past and Present in Crna Reka Monastery - Text and photos presenting the everyday life in Crna Reka Monastery - a 13th century monastic center which played a major role in development of monasticism in the Diocese of Raska and Prizren since the beginning of nineties.

Angel, Sopocani monastery fresco, 13 c.

Decani Monastery

Decani Monastery in Photos

Decani Monastery from a helicopter

Everyday life in Decani Monastery
(with photos)

A Short History of the Serbian
Orthodox Church


History of Serbia and Montenegro - A comprehensive historical overview of the history of two Serbian states.

The Royal House of Karadjordjevic
- A Web Site of the Serbian and Yugoslav Royal Family. After the fall of Milosevic, Crown Prince and his family have come to live in Belgrade in order to give their contribution to the reconstruction of democracy.

Ecumenism and the Time of Apostasy -Electronic book with a critical approach to certain ecumenical trends of our times. Serbian version only.

church bell The Holy Saviour Church in Prizren
Church bell in stone, Djurdjevi Stupovi (left)

The Holy Saviour church in Prizren 14th century (above)

D O N O R SDesecrated image of the Lord

Help the Suffering People of Kosovo
- Decani Relief Fund is providing assistance and relief to many suffering people in Kosovo and central Serbia (refugees).

Post-war destruction of Serb Orthodox Churches in Orahovac Region (photos) Orahovac area was known for many old Serb Orthodox churches. After the war many of them were totally destroyed including the monastery of SS. Cosma and Damian in Zociste.

PHOTO: Desecrated Face of the Lord reveals the true face of
the Kosovo Albanian extremism


The Church of the Virgin of Ljevis
The Pride of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Prizren - Bogorodica Lyeviska Cathedral
The main diocesan church of the Serb Orthodox bishops of Prizren

St. Peter's church
St. Peter's Church - the oldest church in the Diocese
and the old diocesan center of Raska Serbian Orthodox bishops

The church in Musutiste before destruction
The church of Holy Virgin Hodegetria - in Musutiste, Suva Reka
This beautiful medieval 14th cent. church was devastated by Albanian vandals
after the war in July 1999, despite the presence of German troops in the area

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