Old Tombs and Gravestones
in the Diocese of Raska and Prizren

Tombs of St. King Stefan III and his sister Helen - Decani Monastery XIV century

The tomb of Archbishop Daniel
The tomb of the Serbian Archbishop Daniel, 14th c. Patriarchate of Pec Monastery

The tomb of the Bishop of Lipljan
The tomb of the Serb Orthodox Bishop Theodore of Lipljan (Ulpiana), 14 th century
Gracanica Monastery

Grave stones near the Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery
Old grave-stones near the Djurdjevi
Stupovi Monastery

St. Peter's church cemetery
Old cemetery near the St. Peter's church in Novi Pazar

Old Serb grave stones
Eternal rest - old Serb Orthodox grave-stones

Old Serb Orthodox gravestones in the vicinity of Novi Pazar

Several grave-stones in shpe of the cross from
Kosovo and Metohija

Centuries of Serb Orthodox existence in Kosovo have left thousands of different cultural monuments. Among them are old cemeteries which have been exposed to unrestraind and systematic destruction by Kosovo Albanians. In their attempt to destroy all traces of Serb Orthodox culture Albanian extremists have launched a war against the dead, so our old and new cemeteries are systematically covered by garbage or are desecrated and destroyed in the very international presence in Kosovo.


Kosovo Albanian barbarians destroy Christian Serb

Desecrated Serb cemetery near Pec, October 2001

The War Against the Dead...
Systematic destruction and desecration of Serb Orthodox Cemeteries
Report with photographs

Many old graves have been desecrated by barbarians



Two French peacekeepers keep guard at a vandalized Serb cemetery in northern Kosovo town of Kosovska Mitrovica, Saturday, Nov. 4, 2000. Various contingents of NATO peace troops stepped up security measures on Saturday as members of the dwindling Serb community in Kosovo visited the graveyards to mark a religious holiday despite the danger of attacks by Kosovo's ethnic Albanians. (AP Photo/Goran Milasinovic)

 Desecrated graves of monks in Zociste monastery

 Desecrated Serb graves, near Urosevac

 Desecrated Orthodox Graves, Mitrovica cemetery


Desecrated Serb Orthodox cemeteries

 History is repeating
photo from 1987

Even graves are not spared
A Serb woman finds a desecrated grave of her dear ones

Vandalized Serb Orthodox cemetery in South Mitrovica, Feb 2002