With the blessing of his Grace Bishop Artemije there was made a film on the suffering of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija. The film which is called KOSOVO CRUCIFIED lasts 35 minutes and coveres the life of the Church before and after the war. Especially important are the scenes of the destroyed and desecrated churches in post-war Kosovo.

In the first part one can see the most beautiful churches and monasteries of Kosovo. They are followed by the scenes of the everyday life of our church - Black River monastery, monastic tonsure, mass wedding, baptism of the prisoners, elevation of the crosses on news churches etc.

In the second part of the film the scenes of war and destruction are followed by the scenes of exodus of our people in front of the Albanian terror. More than two thirds of our prewar population was driven away in the presence of KFOR and UN Mission. The scenes of destroyed churches and our missing Fr. Hariton stress even more the tragedy which happened not in time of war but in the time of the internationally sponsored peace.


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The Life of the Church in Kosovo and Metohija before the War


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The Life of the Church and the suffering of the Serb people after the war