Holy Trinity Monastery
The Monastery was destroyed by Kosovo Albanians in July 1999

Holy Trinity Monastery

ckos08.jpgHoly Trinity Monastery is situated on the slopes of the Rusenica mountain near Suva Reka. There are no exact records about its founding although it is known that it existed before 1465 from when dates back its Commemoration List - Katastichos. The monastery had a very valuable collection of manuscript books from the15th to the18th centuries. In the period of Turkish occupation the monastery was ruined several times but the monastic life nevertheless continued to flourish. In 1829 it was closed for several years, until 1837 when it was reopened again. From 1968-1985 the neighbouring Albanian peasants damaged much of the monastery property and persecuted the sisterhood but they were never brought before the face of the law. At the moment there are three nuns living in the monastery, who are especially active in icon painting as well as in other monastic obediences. The monastery is situated in an exquisitely picturesque surrounding from which one can see the whole Metohija valley.

The monastery was targeted by Albanian extremists immediately after the war 1998-1999. The nuns were forced to leave in the first days after the KFOR deployment because of the immediate terrorist danger of KLA. They were evacuated to the monastery of St. Nicholas in Koncul, North Kosovo. In the meantime the extremists demolished the monastery and mined the church in the first days of July 1999. Local Albanians also expelled all Serbs from the neighboring village of Musutiste destroying their churches and holy sites, among which is the ancient church of the Holy Virgin, 1314.

Destroyed Monastery
The ruins of the monastery destroyed by Albanian extremists in June 1999

Demolished church

The view of the church

The ruins of the monastery

 The house for nuns

He house for nuns

 Parts of the 14cent frescoes

A nun befor a destroyed monastery

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