Gorioc Monastery

St. Nicholas church, GoriocThe Gorioc Monastery (Gorioca, Ogorioc), metoh (church or monastery dependency to a large monastery) of the Decani Monastery with the Church of St. Nicholas, konak and belfry, is located on White Stone above the little town of Istok, north-west Kosovo. According to the tradition, it was built by King Stefan Decanski and devoted to St. Nicholas as a sign of gratitude for healing his "burned" eyes on that place. However, since the same tradition is linked to a number of other toponyms it is not possible to establish for sure which place was really the endowment of the healed King. The old church of St. Nicholas at Gorioc, most probably from the 14th century, is not preserved. It was renewed in the 16th and 18th centuries and at the beginning of the 20th century. The church of St. Nicholas is a modest one-nave semi-ovally domed building without wall paintings. It keeps 11 icons painted during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The Monastery used to keep a rich collection of Serbian medieval books, including several Serbian manuscripts from the 14th and 15th century which the Russian Consul and historian A. Gilferding book from the Monastery. Today, they are kept in the Public Library in St. Petersburg. During World War Two, the Monastery was used by Albanian Nazis as a prison for arrested Serbs and Montenegrins. In the churchyard, konak (dining- room and dormitories), belfry and the fountain were restored.

At the moment Gorioc monastery is a convent with five nuns and and elderly archimandrite Fr. Sava. Decani Monastery monks are regularly visiting Gorioc to serve Sunday and feastday liturgies as well as to help the sisters run the monastery. After the war in Kosovo 1999 all Serb population from this area was forced to leave Kosovo and the sisters with Fr. Sava remained alone without any protection for several days. As soon as the international peacekeepers were deployed they protected the monastery. Today Gorioc Monastery is guarded by Spanish soldiers who assist sisters in getting necessary supplies and give them military escort when they have to travel or visit doctor out of Kosovo.

The cemetery
The cemetery of Gorioc Monastery behind the church

Gorioc sisters and Fr. Sava
Abbes Daria, Archmandrite Sava, Gorioc nuns and two young Decani monks

Bringing supplies late at night
Decani monks under Italian military escort bring the elements for the heating system
late at night to Gorioc monastery.

Gorioc nuns
Nuns Pelagia, Martha and Daria

Sister Marhta in the kitchen
Sister Martha in the monastery kitchen

Archmandrite Savvas
Archmandrite Sava enjoying the afternoon sun


Old konak

Church before reconstruction

full frameset

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