Dolac Monastery of the Holy Virgin 
(Vavedenje - bringing of the Virgin to the temple) 

Dolac church before destruction
Dolac church before destruction

Dolac church before destructionAccording to archeological data, there was a monastery on the elevation above the village of Dolac already in the 14th century. The Turkish census of 1455 mentioned the names of its three monks. The great renewal of the monastery at the end of the 16th century and in the first decades of the 17th century is evidenced by the stone remains of the fence wall, tower, entry gate and the fountain, while the storeyed konak is certainly of a later date. A small one-nave church with semi-circular apse is located in the centre of the churchyard. Its only architectural decoration is the arch leaning against consoles which have the contour of the dome on the transversal facades. It has been recently noticed that there are even three chronologically different groups of wall paintings within the church. The oldest, in the zone of standing figures on the western and northern walls, could date back to the transition from the 14th century to the 15th century and, according to the stylistic characteristics, they are attributed to the famous Zrzanska workshop of monk Makarije. The frescoes in the eastern part of the church date back to the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century, while the third phase is dated back to 1619/1620. There is no usual founder’s inscription, but the names of contributors are written besides the frescoes whose painting they paid. Minor archeological excavation was carried out in the complex in the 1993-1995 period and necessary conservation works on frescoes took place in 1991.

Dolac church in ruinsDolac monastery church has been completely destroyed in July 1999 by Kosovo Albanian extremists, immediately after the end of war and deployment of the international peacekeepers.



Dolac Monastery Before Destruction
Monastery Dolac overlooking the Klina valley

At the end of August 1999 the church was completely demolished.

Dolac Church - Outside View

The Vandalized  and  Burned Interior

 The Altar Table Is Smashed Into Peaces

Dolac church is completely destroyed at the end of Aug 99
Dolac church
Dolac church before it was destroyed by Albanian terrorists


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