Crna Reka Monastery

Crna Reka Monastery
Crna Reka monastery is a hermitage in the midst of the south Serbian mountains situated in the gorge of the Black River. It is surrounded by high rocks and lush vegetation. It dates from 13th century when a small church dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael was built in a big cave. Soon the monks hermits built their cells around the church and erected a small draw bridge over the dry bed of the Black River. By a great blessing og God the river disappears underground just in front of the monastery and reappears after several hundred meters of its underground flow and thus spares the monastery from the noise. The greatest treasure of the monastery are the holy and incorruptible relics of St. Peter of Korisha, a famous Serbian ascetic from the 13th century. Even today numerous pilgrims come to the monastery to seek healing and spiritual consolation from this great miracle-worker. In the 15th century Crna Reka was home for a time to a famous hesychast St. Ioanichios, who with his monks later moved to the area of today's Devic monastery. Crna Reka was deserted for a long time. It was only in 1979 that Fr. Artemy came to live there and gathered around himself a young brotherhood. After his election as bishop he took several monks and renewed other monasteries of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren. Today there are 18 brethren in the monastery who occupy themselves with prayer, icon painting and wood carving. 

The brotherhood of Crna Reka
The first brotherhood of Crna Reka Monastery, just after Fr. Artemije's election for a bishop of Raska and Prizren Diocese, May 1991

Crna Reka Monastery
Crna Reka Monastery

A Pearl in the Forest
The tear of God on a rock


The Past and Present in Crna Reka Monastery (with photos from everyday life)
The Life of St. Peter of Korisha
Miracle in Serbia a story of an Orthodox Australian healed by St. Peter of Korisha

Crna Reka Monastery Church
The Interiror of the cave-church with the coffin of St. Peter of Korish

Abba Artemije during his days in Crna Reka, 1986

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Crna Reka amidst the rocks
The monastery in the rocks (click to get the larger image)

Amidst the forests of Southern Serbia
Amidst the forests of Southern Serbia

Holy Archangel Michael
Holy Archangel Michael - photo Strugar

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