The Monastery of Binac

(destroyed in summer 1999)

Binac church before destruction
The church before destruction

ckos26.jpgThe monastery of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, also known under the names of Binac and Buzovik, was built in the 14th century. It was located some 4-5 km south of Vitina, at the spring of the river Susica. It is assumed that it was the center of Byzantine Bishopric during the reign of emperor Basil II. During the reign of the Brankovics, the area was deserted, and it is assumed that Binac monastery was pulled down at that time. It was restored at the beginning of the 16th century. This monastery, with images of the Holy archangels Michael and Gabriel, has always been raided by Albanians.

The church had a rectangular foundation, a semi-round apse and a semi-cylindrical vault. There were two layers of frescoes, one on top of the other. The newer layer, from the 16th century, showed archbishops at liturgy. In 1867 ethnic Albanians slaughtered the priest. After that the monastery was abandoned and was renewed at the beginning of the 20th century. In the church there were valuable 14th century liturgical vessels.

The Monastery was set on fire and almost completely destroyed by Albanian extremists in June 1999. On Dec 13, 1999 the church was destroyed by explosive and now only rubble remains.

Chapels of St. Petka and Holy Archdeacon Stefan and St. Nicholas churches were in the vicinity of the monastery. They were also desecrated by Albanians after the war.

The Monastery of Binac

Destroyed Monk's House

Desecrated Altar in the Church

The Interior of St. Gabriel's Church

The scenes of the shrine destroyed by Albanian extremists

Binac Monastery
Binac Monastery before destruction

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