Festal Celebrations in
Visoki Decani Monastery

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One of the most beautiful elements of the worship in the Orthodox church is the use of light which creates the atmosphere of celestial beauty and prayer in the church. As well as our spirit rejoices partaking invisible and uncreated energies of God who abundantly radiates his love to all Creation, our body is also called to participate in the beauty and joy of the spirit. That is why in the Orthodox church special attention is devoted to visual arts and music which make the senses of sight and hearing feel at least some of the uncreated beauty of the Lords Grace which is reflected in frescoes, icons and sacred chant. Even the senses of smell and taste are given the fortaste of the heavenly fragrance because in the Orthodox church the use of incense and the most tasteful wine and bread for the Holy Eucharist are equally important.

Images from a night vigil at Decani Monastery
photographer Dragan Tanasijevic

Sacred dance
Decani "horos" it is sacred dance of light during the polyeleon psalm

Above all the light in the church is one of the most important elements of the material part of worship. Though only a dim and material symbol of God who is Uncreated Light, the humble and silent light of candles permeates the atmosphere of the church with the special feeling of spiritual joy and gladness. In certain moments, especially during the monastic services, the great central chandelier is set in motion by ecclesiarchus. In these moments it appears that ancient images of saints and martyrs dance in joy celebrating the Wonderful Creator.

These photos are taken to show the festal atmosphere of light in Decani Monastery, which is known for its long monastic services, conducted according to the ancient typicon (rule) of the Holy Mountain of Athos (Greece).

Decani monks produce pure bees wax candles which are sold to Orthodox parishes and monasteries not only in Serbia but in Germany and United States.

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