Thousands of Arson-attacks in NATO presence

After the deployment of the international peace-forces in Kosovo, Albanian extremists have set on fire more than 10.000 Serb, Roma, Slav Moslem and Turkish houses all over Kosovo. These arson attacks were committed in the presence of KFOR troops, in time of peace and not in war. NATO troops were totally indifferent towards these criminal acts and in many cases let the perpertrators commit their attacks in their very presence. In order to avoid possible casualties KFOR has taken care never to get into direct conflict with armed Albanian militants. Unfortunately the price for that have paid many Serb and non-Albanian families which lost their homes, all their property and what is most painful, many lives of their dear ones. Even those few arsonists who were arrested were set free the next day because NATO could not find any legal basis to keep them in detention without judicial proccess.


KFOR has generally turned the blind eye towards arson attacks on Serb property. If any perpertrators were arrested they were set free the next day. The excuse was - in Kosovo there are no laws and we cannot keep these people in jail illegaly.....

Serb houses burning, a Serb village in Kosovo, June 99

Serb houses set on fire in Zegra village
Serb houses burning in Zegra village, June 99

A Serb house set on fire in Pec, Italian sector, summer 99

A Serb house burning in front of a KFOR tank

A Serb house in Prizren burning. German KFOR vehicle passing by

A usual picture of Prizren. Serb house burning in Potkaljaja

A Serb house burning in Orahovac, summer 1999

Destroyed Serb Houses in Prizren
Serb houses in Prizren, summer 1999