Belo Polje near Pec

After the deployment of the international peace-forces in Kosovo, Albanian extremists have set on fire thousands of Serb, Roma, Slav Moslem and Turkish houses all over Kosovo. Among many destroyed Serb villages is the village of Belo Polje (Belo Polye) near Pec in which all Serb houses have been set on fire and later completely destroyed. All this happened in the presence of the local KFOR which did nothing to prevent an organized and well orchestrated campaign of systematic destruction of Serb villages from which the people fled in front of advancing KLA gangs. Here are the images of the destroyed village

Ten months after the war 70 villagers from Bijelo Polje visited their destroyed homes and were terrified by what they saw. Each of 280 houses was totally destroyed. The streets and courtyards are piled with garbage which was intentionally brought from nearby Pec. The fruit trees and electric instalations were cut, the plumbing system destroyed. The church of God's Mother, built in 1868 was vandalized and burned. Only charred walls remain.

The village of Belo Polje was first mentioned in the Charter of the Serbian King Stephen III, known as Stephen of Decani, in 1327 and was at that time inhabited by Serbs as well as well as entire today's province of Kosovo.


The house of Rade Kostic, Belo Polje

The church in Belo Polje

The church in Belo Polje

The view of destroyed homes

Electric station

Only debris remains

The school built in 1997 - devastated by Albanian extremists