The Monastery of St. Uros

Remains of the monastery of St. Uros are located in the village of Sarenik in Gornje Nerodimlje area, near Urosevac. Emperor Uros, the son of Emperor Dusan, and the last Serb ruler of Nemanjic dinasty, didd in this monastery and was burried in it on December 2, 1371. According to the tradition, the monastery was constructed on the order of his mother - Empress Helen - who was mourning her son's death. The Ottoman sources mentionn that the monastery was already abandoned by monks in 1487, after the fall of the Serbian state and the monastery property was used by the neighboring peasants. In 1584, in a hagiography of Emperor Uros, Patriarch Paisius mentions the construction of the royal tomb and the restoration of the church devoted to the Dormition of the Most Holy Virgin Mary - Theotokos. In 1705, Christopher the monk transrerred the relics of Emperor uros to Jazak monastery in north Serbia. In the 18th century the monastery is mentioned as St. Uros' monastery. The new attempt of reconstruction of this holy site occured in 1854 but was soon disrupted by force. Neighboring Albanian Moslems together with Turkish authorities forbade Christians to rebuild the church and the monastery. From this time only ceiling high walls remained of the formerly famous monastery of the Holy King Uros.

photo of the monastery church before completion of reconstruction in 1996
and before destruction in 1999

Bishop Artemije continued reconstruction of the 19th century structure in 1995-1996. The new roof was made and the church was consecrated. The Bishop planned to bring monks and build living quarters but the war in Kosovo 1998-1999 disrupted these plans. In summer 1999 Kosovo Albanian militants destroyed the church with a powerful explosive and since then the church remains in ruins.

Interior of the 19th century structure before the final reconstruction and
destruction by Albanian militants

Sv. Uros Monastery destroyed
Sv. Uros Monastery
A view of the destruction

The ruins of the monastery lay surrounded by the natural beauty of the area


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